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The alliance of experts from the disciplines of science, theology and philosophy that form the STOQ International Foundation provokes a renewal of thinking about God and man, creation & providence. We challenge the public perception that there is a conflict between the Church Tradition and the Science, and prove the compatibility of faith & reason.

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Adult stem Cells debates

Check out the latest updates about the 2° Adult stem cell conference

What We Do

Demonstrate Compatibility of Faith & Reason
Create Forums for Interdisciplinary Dialog & Research
Disseminate Findings & Perspectives that Impact Culture


Why We Do It

To build a Culture
that promotes the full Dignity
of Humanity


How We Do It

Joint Research Projects
Conferences, Courses & Programs
Publications, Public Relations & Resources


Leadership Society

 STOQ International's Leadership Society offers access to STOQ's International Network composed of highest level of scientific, corporate and Theological Leadership.

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Featured Events


2013 Adult Stem Cells Conference:

The second International Adult stem cell Conference:

«Regenerative Medicine - a Fundamental Shift in Science & Culture».

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The STOQ Project, initially supported by the Templeton Foundation, began in Rome in 2000 as a cultural undertaking of great importance. STOQ International is a new partnership between the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture, the six Pontifical Universities and the University of Notre Dame's Reilly Center for Science, Technology & Values. Learn More

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